We just returned from the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention in Las Vegas.


It was a great convention. I always look forward to taking master level seminars with the world’s top wedding photographers and nosing around the amazing trade show.

Fine-Art album design and the time it takes to complete an album project was a topic of discussion at many of the talks.

While chatting with Denis Reggie, whose fee is $40,000 for wedding photography services, Denis was asked if he has couples who invest that much in their photography but never complete their image selection process. He said that it happens all the time.

While that’s amazing, I think it’s understandable. Wedding photography has changed so much in recent years. Wedding photography used to be little more than a series of posed portraits, where today, contemporary wedding photography tells the story of your wedding day from start to finish.

So, while it was common in the old days to take 250 images at a wedding, and maybe proof 175, I frequently capture that many images during bridal preparations. It’s a bit of daunting task to look through 600 or more images to pick your favorites.

We have to do better and believe we have the answer.

Album Pre-Design – We have started to pre-design wedding albums and it’s working terrifically. It’s much easier to start with a finished concept than it is to imagine a completed wedding album, especially if you haven’t designed an album before. We have some new tools that will help us to showcase your rough-draft design much more quickly.

Our goal is for you to see an initial design at an Internet cafe, while you are still on your honeymoon, or immediately upon your return.

I know you are going to love album pre-design – we’re very excited.

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