Claire and Jonathan were married on August 5th in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at The Butler Mansion - a really unique and interesting location. The Butler Mansion was built in 1927 and originally owned by the Phillips family and was

I hope you had a great time in Petit St. Vincent. I was thinking about you guys this past week. What a cool place for a honeymoon! PSV Resort Your wedding was beautiful - your guests had a terrific time and it

We try to plan a weekend off throughout the summer, just to recharge the batteries for the remainder of wedding season. We took a short fun little trip to New York City - stayed in Times Square, ate Sushi and

Katrina and Paul were married in Wheeling, WV, with a reception following at Oglebay Resort. If you're looking for a unique location not much further than a drive across town in rush hour traffic, check out Oblebay which was originally private

While not perfect, we try extremely hard to operate an efficient business with excellent customers service. We're very proud that The Better Business Bureau has recognized our efforts with an offer to become an offical member of the bureau. They have also

We've been going back and forth for the past year or so about a move to a commercial space and decided that we really like the convenience and homey atmosphere of our residential studio. We're just about finished with redecorating

Whew, it's been a busy few weeks starting just before Memorial Day weekend. Many of our couples live out of town and return to Pitsburgh for their wedding. Memorial Day weekend is always popular, with 4 weddings and 4 enagement