Barb and I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and we send along our best wishes to you for a healthy and happy New Year!

We had hoped to take a few days off after working most of the Thanksgiving weekend and did manage a few days to ourselves. We went to visit Barb’s sister Kathy in Narrowsburg, NY along with 37 other family members on a cozy sleepover. Short of a flu bug going around, it was a lot of fun and great to see everyone- pictures available on Facebook. Search for Stephen Barry and be my friend!

We’re so excited about the upcoming year. We’ll be attending our national convention. With some educational programs and seminars along with the largest trade show in the world, it’s always inspiring.

We have a lot of great plans for the upcoming year.

Like many of you, we pulled out our old albums and photographs and had a bunch of laughs reminiscing.

Here’s a few that I came across – most from a time when I spent hours in the darkroom printing black and white photographs and when Barb and I had a lot of time to handcolor black and white images with artist oils. It’s a chance to show off our new blog format which gives us more room for BIG photographs.

[gallery title=”Hand Colored”

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