While we’ve been happy with Pictage’s service, we know that many of you have received quite a few emails from Pictage with one offer after another. If you hate receiving spam as much as we do, we apologize for these marketing emails over which we have little control.

We felt the time had come to develop our own e-commerce gallery and begin to move our events to our new site. This was a complicated project. We used a professional software company who specializes in e-commerce, to develop our new site. There are very strict rules governing Internet credit card transactions. We had to move our website to a secure server, increase our hosting space, purchase an SSL guarantee certificate, and work with our bank and credit card processor to make the move seamless and secure.

We are very excited about our new e-gallery. It will allow us complete control of your print orders from receipt to shipment, which will result in better quality control and faster service. We expect to see a number of enhancements to the gallery in the next few months.

We have also added a new pay-by-check service for those clients and guest who prefer not to use credit cards. This will result in a slightly longer delivery time.

Please let us know how you like our new e-gallery and pass along any suggestions for improvement!

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