This is always the time of year, our off-season, when we step back, catch our breaths and evaluate our business.

We review all of our procedures looking for improvements in efficiency, work on our marketing plan, our budget, taxes : { work on new samples and review our website. We touch base with vendors and catch up with our past clients while finalizing albums from the end of last year.

One of our most ambitious but most important projects is a new website and a new online gallery. We have 3 main websites, a mobile website, a blog and a client gallery website that we’re trying to manage – it’s an almost impossible task.

So, working with our incredible graphic designer Anne Lehman of Anne Lehman designs and Avenue Anne, we’re in the process of consolidating all of our websites into a new, mobile friendly site. It’s a monumental task – one that we’re tackling on our off hours – but it’s getting there and we’re getting more and more excited as it’s coming together.

Here’s a sneak preview of our new look.

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