Our blog has become a little static. We try to write a blog post showcasing every wedding. We only accept 25 weddings year to provide our clients with the best customer service and that leaves us with a lot of days without anything to say. T

Each wedding client takes on average, 52 hours of work. The remainder of our time is spent working on our business and for the most part, that’s pretty boring – sitting in front of the computer answering emails and writing checks.

We would like our blog to become more of a resource for our clients – something to return to every day or so for interesting news and information. We’re going to try to scoop some interesting stories for you.

I love to read blogs and interesting websites, mostly on Flipboard but also in Feedly, my replacement for Google Reader.

If you’re not familiar with feed readers, here’s some information to get started.

Reading blogs on a variety of subject is fun and informative. But, if you are typing in your blog’s address manually and going from site to site, there is much easier way to aggregate the content into one, easy to read package.

The technical term for this is RSS or really simple syndication. Basically, RSS translates a blog into a format or feed that can be read by a special reader. Most blogs and sites have a feed. You’ll usually see this symbol or you might also see “subscribe by RSS” Free-RSS-Reader

Google Reader has the been the most popular RSS reader but in google’s own wisdom, they are discontinuing the service this July. Users of RSS readers have been scrambling to find an alternative and it seems that the most popular now is Feedly. They had a million downloads this past week. And the best part is that it’s free and available for all popular browsers. It’s also available for your iPhone, iPad and Android. I’ve been using it for the past two weeks and it’s fantastic and very easy to use.

Just search for you favorite site or add sites that Feedly suggests to your new stream. You add different categories to keep your news and information organized. No more tedium of remembering and typing in individual addresses.

As an alternative, one of my favorite ways of viewing blogs along with news and other information is the application for your iPad, iPhone and Android device called Flipboard. It organizes news in a fun column-like format and it’s very visually appealing. I guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Both Feedly and Flipboard allow you to share stories on Facebook and Twitter. Flipboard allows you to integrate and interact with Facebook and Twitter, both reading and posting your news and stories directly.

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