Megan and Mark were married on June 2nd at the Duquesne Chapel with a reception following at Heinz Field.

I can’t tell you how many times a limo driver has asked me for directions – like how could you as a professional driver come to a job without knowing where you’re going.

Well, the limo driver (no names mentioned) somehow mistook the Duquesne Chapel for Duquesne, PA and got stuck in all the parkway traffic and was 35 minutes late to the ceremony. But, Mark’s Penn State buddies took over as surrogate groomsmen and made sure all the guests were seated. It was a little tense at the time, but what a great story to tell your kids.

Heinz Field is such a fun place for a reception. Michael at Blooms
one of the most creative florists in the city, really outdid himself. The room really looked amazing.

We had a chance to take some photographs on the field and in the locker room.

Megan and Mark spent a few days in New York and are off on a cruise next month. Darn, no Saturdays off in July to document your honeymoon.

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