Our clients have truly enriched our lives

We want to pass along some of the keys to our success so you can experience they same joy we have experienced

Virtual Mentoring Session

Before our virtual mentoring session, I’ll take the time to study your website and photography along with pricing information and forms. We’ll develop a plan of action for our one on one phone or Zoom meeting. We can discuss specific tips to improve your photography, marketing to the luxury market, your business plan, improving your website, increasing your business, albums or any area of your business or photography which you feel can be improved.

Our first 15 minute consultation is complimentary. Like everything we offer, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Initial 15 minute consultation:  Free

1 hour one on one $175

2 hours one on one $300


Dream it

Are you new to the wedding photography business and aren’t sure where to start? Let me help you. Undercutting your competition is not the answer. I’ll do a complete business and portfolio review and give you a concrete roadmap to success

Build it

You may have photographed modest weddings but now you’re ready to break into the luxury market. It’s a difficult transition but I can give you help with a method for success if you are ready. Amazing luxury albums are important.  

Grow it

There are only so many weddings that you can photograph in a season and it seems that every wedding is scheduled on the same day. How do you add to your success by offering clients beautiful products to showcase their special day. The value of networking is amazing. 

sell IT

Selling is not a dirty word. If you can’t sell your services your can’t stay in business. Let me help you with pricing. You are selling memories. They are invaluable. If you just give your clients digital files their memories will be lost. 

make IT

Have a vision. Where to you want to be next year? 5 years, 10 years? Starting with a vision and working towards that goal is the key to success. Let me help you to succeed and thrive. I’ll give you a concrete plan for success. Your hard work will be rewarded. 

sustaIn iT

You have to keep your business fresh and exciting. Improving your photography, your products and your customer service while keeping the excitement that started you down this amazing road is the key to success.