Or why a classy black tuxedo never goes out of style…..


If I could point to one trend or comment we’ve been hearing over and over this past year or so, it would be an interest or a move back to a classic style.

From the choice of a color scheme, to the design and style of wedding gowns and tuxedos, through the design and style of a couple’s wedding album, we hear “I’m looking for something timeless, not trendy”.

Photographers who have been in the business a while, remember the double exposure, bride and groom superimposed in a champagne glass or on the wall of the church. Nothing says 1980’s more than this image. It looked pretty cool at the time and it was a technical challenge with a film camera, but it’s so dated today.

The style of wedding photography has changed dramatically for the better, from what was little more than a series of portraits, to a style which really communicates the emotion and story of a couple’s wedding day.

But there are some photography trends which might not pass the test of time like selective color and the most current, the use of texture screens.

While I have not doubt that coffee table albums will continue to have a currency and contemporary feel, over-designed albums with lots of graphic design elements are already looking a bit dated.

Coffee table albums continue to be the majority of our designs, but we have had quite a few more requests recently for matted albums and especially our newest album, the Duo.

The Duo is a combination of a matted and coffee table album with lots of flexibility in design. It’s an amazingly beautiful album from the planet’s premier album company, Queensberry of New Zealand.

Here’s a sample of our latest design from Ellen and John’s wedding at St Stanislaus and The Pennsylvanian.

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