Many of our clients live out of town, with the Washington, DC area as the most represented. It’s usually a whirlwind weekend of wedding planning for out clients when they’re in town for a visit and we always try to squeeze in their engagement session in between meetings. 

And it never fails that it’s either snowing, raining, blasting heat, blazing noon sun or in the case of Megan and Andy’s session, freezing cold – about 25 degrees. 

Station square was a great location where we could spend a few minutes outside, put down the winter coats, take a few quick pictures and then run into a building and get warm. 

Barb and I had so much fun with Megan and Andy. It was the first time we had met, so it always takes a few minutes to get cozy and comfortable. 

Megan and Andy will be getting married this August in the Carnegie Museum’s Hall of Architecture with a reception following in the Music Hall Foyer. We can’t wait!

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