Barb and I love engagement sessions. It’s a great way to get to know one another and it makes wedding day so much more relaxed, especially since we hadn’t met Melissa and Anthony before booking their wedding.

It takes a short while for our couples to relax and also for me to get a feel for their personality and interests. After a few shots we all start having fun, trying different things and goofing around. Barb and I had so much fun with Melissa and Anthony – they’re so nice.

We had planned an outdoor session, but it was pretty frigid and Melissa was under the weather, so with special permission from The Reniassance Pittsburgh hotel, we were able to find some cool spots inside with just a quick dash around the corner at the end of the session and a trip to Klavons for some ice cream – awesome!

Like most local venues, the Renaissance requires a security fee and contract to photograph inside. It’s an absolutely beautiful hotel with unbelievable service if you’re still looking for a wedding venue. Tony Lee, the director of special events is fanatastic to work with. I guess you can tell it’s one of my favorite locations.

Melissa and Anthony are getting married in May at Heinz Chapel with a reception following at The Carnegie Music Hall Foyer.

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