I was planning on posting a retrospective slideshow of 2007’s wedding season before the beginning of the new season, but I realized that it got so busy here that I missed posting a few weddings from last year.

So, as our albums arrive, I’ll add some some of our new designs and add some weddings which were missed last year.

We’re going to increase the frequency of our blog activity and try to post, if not every day, at least several times a week. If you’re thinking “boring boring” please let me know – my feeling won’t be hurt…much ;}

Barb and I have been brainstorming some ideas which I hope you’ll find interesting.

If you have any suggestions, please drop me a note to stephen at in-visionstudio dot com.

Some of our planned topics include:

• Weddings
• Client Corner
• Upcoming Events
• Wedding Trends
• Photo tip of the Week
• Weekly Special
• Vendor/Venue of the Week
• Product Reviews
• Bride-to-be Interviews
• Favorite Image of the Week
• Seniors
• Where you are Now

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