Express Yourself

We want to capture you as yourself, relaxed natural expressions. But if you have something in mind, cut out poses and concept ideas from your favorite fashion or sports magazine.

If you would like to include your hobby or interest, bring it along! Musical instruments, art supplies, sports or band uniforms, stuffed animals, skateboards, or pets – If you have an outdoor hobby or interest, bring your gear. We’re in!

We’ll also be happy to photograph you with your car, bike or motorcycle.


We can start at your house, but we like to find another location to add variety to your session. We can help with suggestions!

A deserted house or warehouse.

A non-working farm or weathered barn.

Rusting cars and trucks.


An alley.

A place with beautiful scenery.

Your grandparent’s house.

The place where you work.

A place you enjoy relaxing.

Tall grass and shade trees.