Some rules are MEANT to be broken!

When it comes to expressing yourself with clothing, feel free to go a little wild. We encourage you to bring several outfits that show all the sides of your personality.

Mix it up with bright colors for an urban-funky feel or warm earth tones outside. If you are unsure, here a few suggestions:

If you wear something all the time, bring it! Even if it breaks the rules.

Long sleeves usually look best so be sure to bring at least one flattering long sleeve top, sweater, shirt, jacket or coat.

Great choices for outdoors are earth tones. The earth is a colorful place. Think pale blue or green; shades of yellow or honey, khaki, browns, or rust all blend with a natural environment. Choose shades that compliment your skin, hair and eyes.

We don’t say don’t, but unless it’s a favorite that you can’t live without, avoid bold stripes, plaids or huge patterns or t-shirts with big images.

Choose a color before simple black or white. It’s better not to have a really dark top and really light pants. It’s also better not to have a really light top and really dark pants.
Be comfortable.

Tugging down tight tops and hiking up super loose pants might distract you from feeling your best.

Jeans. Yes.

Things to experiment with: belts, purses, boots, shoes, bare feet, hats, coats, your sports uniform (try just the top with jeans, or the pants with a plain t-shirt or tank top), jewelry, scarves, bandanas and head bands.