We’ve been extremely busy for the past couple of weeks, with a number of portrait sessions and a wedding every weekend. David and Nina returned from school and we’ve been chewing through groceries like a combine. It’s been a bit crazy, but so much fun and great to have everyone home.

I’ll post some of our recent weddings this week including Shalini and James, Erin and Dave, Abir and Robert’s wedding last Saturday at Nemacolin and Jennifer and Jim’s wedding today at The Heinz History Center – we’re very excited and ready for a great afternoon!

Maternity portraits have become much more popular and rightfully so… the birth of a baby and especially your first, is such an amazing and indescribable experience and impossible to imagine. I remember the birth of our children like it was yesterday.

I also remember the look of awe on our kid’s faces, when they were old enough to understand, after showing them photographs of Barb (unfortunately many of them in oversized sweat shirts – before the days of beautiful maternity portraits) when she was expecting.  I don”t think it really sunk in when we explained the process, until they saw photographs of themselves before they born. “Wow, that really is me”.

I think you can see in Emily’s images that there is a stunning beauty to an expecting mother with a universal life connection.

We photographed Emily and Matthew’s wedding a couple of years ago and are so excited and happy for them. We can’t wait to photograph their new bundle of joy!



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