0002_LolaWe hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday! It’s been an extremely busy December as we finished our last Christmas deadline orders.

It’s great to have all of our kids home – Nina arrived this past week and Dave just squeaked in between storms yesterday. Kate finally has a day off from school and work.

We’re excited to have a new member of our family – Lola, a Boston Terrier. I was pretty distraught after Jack, our labrador retriever passed away and it took a year until we were ready to bring a new puppy into the household.

Lola is SO cute and is settling in life at the Barry’s house after a very rough ride from the breeder’s. She seems to be so smart, plays hard and then crashes in your arms. She made it through the night without crying or snoring too much. We’re very excited.

We’re thinking of all of you and hope that you’re enjoying some time with your family.  We send along our heartfelt wishes for a healthy and happy new year.

Barb and Steve



  • Linda Lupetin
    1:27 am

    Steve and Barb, your little Lola is absolutely precious. She looks alot like my Lola. Did you get her from our breeder? Good luck with her. They are extremely smart and very loving little critters. Let us know if you have any questions we’d be glad to help. She is too darn cute. Good Luck, Tony and Linda Lupetin

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