These are the Mom’s that I met or talked to this week. Some of them are women that I have known for a long time, others I just met. To learn their stories, I didn’t even have to ask any questions – I just listened to what they were telling me. Every Mom has a story, and everyone has a story about their Mom.

A Mom with a brain tumor that was expected to have serious health problems that is now raising 2 healthy, beautiful girls

A Mother-to-be, about to deliver her first child in 2 weeks, wondering what it will be like

A Mom who just learned the bitter-sweet news that her youngest child was accepted to the college of her choice, far from home

A 22 year old brand new Mom of twins who is feeling a little overwhelmed

A Mom who is a soccer coach of six year old girls, who for the first time, played like a team – even though they lost

A Mom of 4 boys who just had her first grandchild – which turned out to be twin girls

A Mom who had to make the decision to take her 2 month old son off of life support

A Mom whose only child, a 20 year old son, saves his money to buy her a little piece of jewelry every year – his twin brothers died shortly after birth

A Mom who was going to have 24 people at her house for a Mother’s Day Brunch

An elderly Mom who was spending the day by herself because her kids live far away

A Mom who had to work on Mother’s Day, so she wore the painted macaroni necklace that her daughter made for her – to work

And finally, a Mom who knows that she used to have kids, but can’t remember who they are – My Mom.

Whatever your story is, Happy Mother’s Day.


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