We hope that everyone had a nice holiday weekend.

David and Nina were been home for spring break, so we worked in spurts before the kids got moving in the morning and while they were visiting their friends, along with a few late night stretches.

Barb’s sisters Marie and Kathy were here for the weekend with their families to visit Barb’s Mom, who hasn’t been doing too well. It was great to see everyone – it made for a lively household!

I think we all needed some down time, so we spent the weekend watching a few ball games, playing some cards, visiting friends, eating Chinese food along with a trip to our favorite burger joint – Red Robin.

Marie’s surprise 40th birthday present Lydia, was here and is such a cutie. It’s been a while since I’ve rocked a baby, but I still have my touch, although I don’t who fell asleep first in the rocker.

Here’s a few shots from my Iphone and a chance to show our new blog gallery feature.

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