Brrr. – I’m sitting in Starbucks, trying to shake the chill of the Artic cold front which just blasted through Pittsburgh. I guess we got a little spoiled with all of those 50 degree days.

I love this time of year! It’s our slow time for weddings, although we do have two winter loving couples who are getting married this month. It’s still a busy time for us and we seem to be working long days, but this time of year is our time to recharge the batteries, plan for the upcoming season, and attend some educational events.

Barb and I really enjoy taking seminars from photographers whose work we admire. We always walk away with a new perspective or something inspirational – I always feel I have something to learn.

We had a chance to see Joe Buissink and Marcus Bell’s when they came through Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago. Joe’s an LA wedding photographer who photographed Christine Aguilara and Jessica Simpson’s wedding among many other celebs. He’s an amazingly sensitive photographer and I just love his work. Marcus is one of the many great Australian wedding photographers – he’s awesome. It was fun and Barb and I had a chance to chit chat with all of our buddies.

We’re looking forward to our national convention in Las Vegas – seminars from dawn until dark and the biggest trade show in the world. We’re always looking for new and exciting products and ideas.

And, we are so excited – we’re taking our first real vacation in 3 years – a cruise to the western Caribbean.


Oh, I so can’t wait!!

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