It is cloudy this morning and looks like rain.  That is a good thing, because we are all burned to a crisp.  I just couldn’t resist sharing a few vacation photos with you in my down time.  We are spending the week at Peek n Peak in Clymer, NY – between Lake Erie and Lake Chautauqua.  We are loving the cool nights and low humidty days.  I am in biking heaven here.  Check out the scenery, all within an hour bike ride from Peek n Peak.

As far as your eyes can see, there is corn.

At first I thought that this huge marker was a little pretentious in this tiny little cemetery, then I realized that it belonged to a Minister, and all of the other markers face it.  Except for 3 irreverent souls in the back, which face the street – probably smoking cigarettes and playing cards.

The intersection of Main Street and Shady Side Road, Findley Lake, NY.  Now, that’s living.

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