We’re sorry if we missed your call these past few days – we were in Atlanta for a business management seminar with the Professional Photographer’s Association.

This is the time of year – well, preferably January when things begin to slow down a bit – where we try to attend some educational seminars. While we prefer the creative seminars, most photographers and artists in general don’t come from a business background – mmm…. no business classes in Pitt’s Philosophy department .

We debated but finally decided to take Kate with us to the seminar. I was afraid she was going to be bored, but I think she had a good time – working out at the Hyatt (an amazing building architecturally), watching a little TV and hopefully getting some school work done. We did manage to spend time together at lunch and dinner and tour CNN for her video production class – very cool.


So we’re back with lots of great ideas to provide our terrific clients with an even more amazing experience with us!

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