I love our business. Ok, well like any profession, there’s always some things that you enjoy doing more than others and I do get frustrated on occasion and get stressed out and we do work very long hours but I do wake up every day with the thought of…

how lucky I am to be living the life of a professional photographer. Barb and I have met so many wonderful people and have had the honor of creating memories for and touching a little part of their lives. It’s enriched our life.

There’s a bond among professional photographers and especially wedding photographers and it’s always fun to connect and kick back a little and at the same time, attend some educational programs and the world’s largest trade show at our national convention in Las Vegas at the end of March.


I always manage to find some new software and equipment to help improve efficiency or quality and get a chance to see some of the new products from our vendors.

Look for some great new albums and new additions to our current album lines.

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