Our Same-Day Slideshows and Web Gallery Slideshows have been a huge hit, and I’ve received a lot of requests for copies of the slideshow.

While the slideshows are meant for computer usage only, I’ve been working on a way to format them for use on an Ipod and have hit on the solution.

I love my video Ipod! Along with always having my music collection with me, I’m hooked on Podcasts (I either listen to audio podcasts or watch video podcasts on my morning walk with Jack – my French Poodle in disguise, yellow lab) catch up on missed TV shows, and download movies.

You really “need” one.

I just wish they had an Ipod connection kit available when I purchased my Mini Cooper.


With an AV connection kit, you can output your movies, videos, podcasts and slideshows to your TV, and they look great.

We are planning to make available as a little extra, an Apple Video Ipod with your same-day slideshow included, or a more sophisticated show with your choice of images.

In the meantime, if you would like an Ipod-formatted copy of your same-day slideshow, just let me know and I would be happy to provide it for you.

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