We seem to do this to us every year, but as the wedding season begins to slow down and we could be taking the time to kick back just a little, we look at all the shelved projects that we’d hoped to accomplish throughout the year – just to create a little more work for ourselves :}

One important project is the redesign of our website and blog. While Flash technology can create some cool glitzy websites, we continually have problems with access to our site from clients doing research at work where Flash technology may not be permitted.

Ok, I promise I won’t tell.

Contemporary web design has moved to a cleaner, simpler look – loosely referred to Web 2.0. Apple’s website is one of the best examples of a Web 2.0 look. It’s going to be a month’s long project, but we’re excited to be working with our internationally award winning graphic designer Anne Lehman to create a new Web 2.0 look.

We just moved our blog to a more professional WordPress structure. It’s been a huge project and we still have some styling to finish, but I like the new clean look and flexibility. But, I’m now 14 wedding behind in our posts.

rss2.jpgIf you enjoy reading our blog and other blogs as well, you might consider an RSS reader (if you have a little geek in you and I admit that I do, you have this already).

There are tons of RSS readers – some of which are integrated into popular start pages like My Yahoo. If you don’t have a cool start page, check out a couple of my favorites – NetVibes and Protopage

You can follow all of your favorite blogs right from your home page. It’s easy! Most blogs have an RSS feed – simply click the RSS icon in the right side of your address bar and copy and paste the address into your reader – you can follow all of your blogs (and ours!) right from your home page.

If you like or have a customized start page – take a look at my favorite RSS reader Google Reader

Here’s the RSS feed for our new blog to get you going. http://www.in-visionstudio.com/blog/?feed=atom

Thanks for visiting!

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