Julie, one of our brides from 2005, was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disabling disease which attacks the central nervous system. Julie is doing great – there are new therapies available and she is undergoing treatment, but there is no cure.

If you’re like me, you have frustrating days where you might lose a little perspective of what’s really important. Barb and I have had defining moments in our life -our daughter Kate’s near fatal accident and the violent death of Barb’s step father ; these rocky times of our life have brought us closer, made us stronger and given us a little different perspective. But, I still have those “weighty” days….. and I’m really going to work hard to try to limit them.

With Julie in mind along with our friend Steve who is in the later stages of the disease, I’ll be walking to create a world free of MS at the Pittsburgh Walk MS, Heinz Field on April 20, 2008.

Please consider sponsoring my walk with a donation to the Multiple Sclerosis Society which will help fight this difficult disease.

You can sponsor my walk here: Pittsburgh Walk MS
or search for Stephen Barry

Barb and I wish Julie continued good health.

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