One week – hahaha. I should have knocked on wood ( a culturally diverse expression which makes interesting reading in Wikipedia, if you have some time on your hands).

We were having problems with an image upload module and our website developer and web host were pointing fingers at each other and at a standstill; so with a little, if all else fails, do-it-yourself necessity, I started to delve into some pretty geeky and scary developer websites.

Now armed with a tiny amount of knowledge – a dangerous thing – I began making changes to php scripts, htaccess files and server mod_security settings, yeah I know what I’m doing.

Well, to make a long story short, everyone was over thinking the solution which was exceedingly simple and came to me late at night after a glass of Pinot – there might be a problem with the latest update of Flash for Mac web browsers – bingo.

Anyway, I’m working hard, sifting through hundreds of weddings to coalesce a representation of what we into 3 galleries, along with fighting writers block while trying to pen an “about page” – all this at the end of a work day… I need a nap.

One more week [ed. or so] ….knock knock.

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