The Top 10 Wedding Venues in Pittsburgh

Steve and I are really blessed to work with the top wedding vendors in the city. I will share with you our thoughts on the best of the best over the coming weeks. This will give us a chance to thank our favorite vendors while letting you know who we love and why.

This week, I will start with Wedding Venues, specifically, The Omni William Penn Hotel. Steve and I have photographed events in every ballroom and reception room in the hotel and the experience is always the same – fabulous food, fabulous service and a beautiful location. When you walk into the lobby it is easy to see why couples choose the Omni for their receptions, and in some cases, their ceremonies as well, (Johanna & AJ and Sarika & Sri come to mind.) The elegant details of the hotel speak of a time gone by, but the hotel glitters as if it were brand new. You are greeted at the door (always) by a friendly bellman offering assistance.

Ballroom 2007

To find out more about the hotel, I asked an expert, Lora Peluso, Director of Catering and Conference Services. According to Lora, “The Omni William Penn has been a premier location for wedding and special events since it opened in 1916. Our weddings are custom designed with our brides and we have 3 ballrooms and unique rooms such as the Bob and Delores Hope Room, and Lawrence Welk Room for smaller affairs.”

Mezzanine with Stone Balcony

I think that the following rave review of the Hotel by Lora will convince you that the Omni should be at the top of your venue list too! This makes me want to check myself in for a few days of pampering.

What is your favorite part of working at the Omni William Penn?
Besides the spectacular space, it is the staff. The Staff of the William Penn takes such pride in working here and it shows in how we serve our guests. They work with passion, and care, and it shows.

What is your favorite dish on the catering menu?
Our Culinary team is so creative it is hard to select just one. We are constantly updating our menu to incorporate the latest food trends. My personal favorite is the lavender scented lamb chops. They are fabulous!!!

Can you tell me which reception room is your favorite, and why?
All of our rooms are unique which is what makes hosting an event here so great. The Grand Ballroom along with the Urban Room are spectacular. However, the William Penn Ballroom, which is on the lower level actually provides a beautiful backdrop for a wedding, with 10 chandeliers but a lower ceiling than the Grand Ballroom, it sparkles and provides a warm and inviting setting. The ballroom will be renovated soon to update the colors and make it flow with the rest of the hotel.


Are you allowed to share with us the name of any famous guests that have stayed at the Omni that may surprise us?
It may surprise you to know that every president since FDR has been in our ballroom. Charles Lindberg was hosted here after his famous flight. The William Penn’s archive of pictures is pretty impressive. Most recently, Bon Jovi, Oprah, Keith Urban, Wayne Gretzky, Brett Favre, Bishop Desmond TuTu, the list can continue……

Tell us one time that you feel that the staff went above and beyond the call of duty to make someone’s stay memorable?
Our staff is truly amazing. A grandmother of the Groom forgot her insulin medicine. She remembered during the wedding reception. It was late and most pharmacies were closed. Our Front desk people assisted in finding a late night pharmacy, which is not as easy as you might think in Pittsburgh. However, so as not to interrupt the guests at their reception, our security staff drove to the pharmacy and picked up the medication for the grandmother. They never had to ask. One guest was late for a meeting and left her car with the doorman. As it turned out, the car was almost out of gas and would not make it to the woman’s next meeting; she wanted to know the nearest gas station. When she came out of her meeting, and called for her car, it was there for her and the tank was full. Our doorman and the valet staff took it upon themselves to take care of the guest. These are stories that the guests write to the GM and Omni Corporate about our staff.

Finally, of all the magnificent places to hold a wedding in Pittsburgh, Why do you think that couples should choose the Omni for their wedding celebrations?
The Omni William Penn stands for timeless elegance and beauty. The William Penn staff creates memories. What bride doesn’t want to be introduced from the Balcony under glittering chandeliers? If you ask the people of Pittsburgh, where they would want to be, they will tell you – The William Penn.

For more information about booking your wedding or event at The Omni William Penn Hotel contact their wedding specialist at 412-281-7100 or visit their website.

Omni William Penn Hotel

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