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I guess my motivation for writing this post is that, along with the surprising statistic that 20% of all brides are expecting on their wedding day – congratulations!, many of our wedding clients are concerned about what they feel are unusual family situations at their wedding. Don’t fret – everyone rises to the occasion.

I’m not sure what’s normal these days, only that it’s “normal” not to have what may be called a standard family configuration. Barb and I were faced with the common situation of having a divorced parent. It took a little Emily Post thinking, but everything was wonderful and both Dad’s were thrilled and proud that we included them in our wedding plans.

It’s a little unclear at what point a white wedding gown became a moral symbol. In ancient Greek times, white was a color of celebration.

As a fashion statement and a sign of wealth, Queen Victoria wore white on her wedding day.

It really wasn’t until the mid-fifties and the publication of “Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette” that white gowns became a symbol of purity, with a stigma attached if you were viewed as not fitting this categorization.

In today’s society, this taboo is falling by the wayside and white maternity wedding gowns are back!

If you find yourself shopping for a maternity gown, take a look at Isabella Oliver, a UK company with many US clients. They graciously allowed us to include a photograph from their collection.

In the US, couture maternity gown designer, Sarah Houston is a talented and popular designer.

And, I take great baby pictures! 🙂

White wedding dresses losing their taboo [PPG]


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    We’re a London UK based maternitywear brand. Homemummy and have noticed an increase in pregnant brides to be choosing bright coloured stunning gowns or shorter white gowns for summer weddings.

    Our Monaco dress has already been a hit

    Emma Clement

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    We believe every bride should look and feel beautiful and radiant on her wedding day. The most important thing to remember when choosing a wedding gown is that the fit is flattering for your figure, pregnant or not. The response we have had from our customers since releasing the Isabella Oliver Belle Epoque maternity wedding dress has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for thinking of us.

    Warm Regards,
    Isabella Oliver

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