Spring is in the air and Barb and I are excited about the start of wedding season. We’ve spent most of the winter in our cave, working on album designs and planning for the upcoming season.

We do really need the down time to recharge the batteries after a long wedding season, but we’re starting to feel that surge of energy and excitement for out first wedding of the season on April 5th.

This is the time of year when all of our couples are beginning to finalize their wedding plans – there are so many details and decisions that it seems to be an impossible task. Here’s a few ideas to get you started on your journey.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful undertaking – we joke that it’s like book camp training for marriage – vows, readings, religion, guest lists, family issues, bridal party decisions, cake, flowers, transportation, photography, wedding dress, bridal party dresses and tuxes, invitations, itinerary, honeymoon – and you and your fiance may have very different ideas, requiring some compromise.

One of the most important decisions revolves around the color scheme for your wedding. You can’t shop for a cake, bridesmaid dresses, tuxes or flowers without having a firm color scheme in mind.

Some brides have a favorite color and know beforehand that their color scheme is going to be based on the favorite color.

If you don’t have a color scheme in mind or a favorite color, don’t dismay, there’s lot of help available online.

Here are the hot, trend-setting colors for spring of 2008.


Fall is typically a time of muted colors but this year is seeing cool hues with bright undertones.


Your color scheme really revolves around your gown. if you’ve selected an ivory, vintage gown with needle lace and button back closure, you may enjoy pastels and neutrals that suit a 1930’s vintage or garden wedding or perhaps Martha Stewart’s more subdued color palette.

If your style leans more towards diamond white A-Line or Empire Waist gowns, investigate some of the more fun and playful palettes like black and white, aqua, lime green and coral.

Your venue’s architecture and ambiance may play a part in your color scheme selection.

Sherwin Williams has a fun online tool to help you select complementary colors – just click “find a color”, select your primary color and it chooses two complimentary selections.

Have fun with your wedding planning and know that everything will work out. Take one thing at a time. You’re wedding is going to be beautiful and all of your family and friends will have a wonderful time while celebrating the beginning of you new life together.

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