Many green fashion solutions are simply a matter of practicality (your grandmother would be so proud!).  The most obvious and long practiced green tradition is tuxedo & shoe rentals for the groom & his men.  Unless your groomsmen attend many black tie affairs socially or professionally, most guys can do without the added expense of adding a new tux to their wardrobe – or shiny shoes for that matter.


Anyone that has been a bridesmaid in more than one wedding might agree that having gown and shoe rental sounds better and better with every satin polyester gown that you hang in your closet!  While that might not be appealing to most brides, or practical, given the complicated nature of fitting gowns, there are other options when it comes to wedding fashion.


Consider letting each bridesmaid choose the same colored dress in a style that they love, increasing the chances that they might actually wear it again.  If you are thinking about this option, the best choice is a neutral color (black, ivory, white, grey, navy, champagne) in  renewable fabrics which do not contain petroleum products. Add a pop of color with a removable sash that matches your color scheme and your bridesmaids might actually thank you for giving them an excuse to buy a new dress!


Some popular clothing chains have added wedding apparel in recent years in flattering styles, great fabrics and colors that anyone would be happy to wear again.
Shorter dresses are becoming more popular for bridal parties – another factor to consider when choosing a dress for wearability.  If you have your heart set on a longer style, consider giving a gift of the services of a local seamstress willing to take the extra inches off the dress for your bridesmaids after the wedding.

The chemical dye used to color shoes is harsh, the shoes that can take the dye are typically uncomfortable and the colors go out of fashion quickly – a recipe for a pair of shoes to end up in a donation bin after one  blistered wearing!  Consider a classic style in a neutral color.  Take this one step further and let your bridesmaids choose their own shoes, within certain guidelines that you pick; black strappy sandals with a 2 inch heel, for instance.  Who wouldn’t appreciate the chance to choose a shoe that fits well?


Finally, think about letting your bridesmaids choose their own jewelry.  You can choose the metal or finish and give some guidelines and you’ll ensure that they will buy a piece more suited to their taste.


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