Every wedding always has it’s own personality which makes every weekend so much fun and different. We photograph weddings of all different types, from large 1000 guest weddings to small and intimate garden weddings. Lauren and Ross were married this past Saturday at The Field Club at a hilltop vista overlooking Fox Chapel.

It’s a long way for Lauren from Fox Chapel to a ranch in Plant, Texas, but they absolutely love their life there. I can’t really imagine what’s that like. Lauren’s gown, a feather boa creation from Mori Lee, suited her perfectly – it’s a mix of quirky fun and elegance. When I asked Ross about the 10 gallon hats (which only holds 3 quarts according to Stetson), he said, it’s “who we are”, which is soft spoken and a true gentleman.  We won’t have their photographs edited for another week or so and I don’t want to give more away until they’ve had a chance to see their pictures, but wait until you see Porter – what a cutie!

Thanks for letting us share your special day!!

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