It’s always great to see our former clients along with their friends and family on wedding day. Tessa and Dan are good friends with LeeAnn and Michael and LeeAnn’s sister Quyen and Eric, both weddings that we photographed recently.

After getting out of school, it seems that all of your friends start getting married at the same time. And, just to warn you guys, the same thing happens with babies!

Tessa and Dan were married at St. Bernard’s church, one of the most beautiful churches in the city. With many guests visiting from out of town, they chose The Sheraton Station Square for their reception – a fun location for visitors. With an early ceremony, we had some time to visit the West End Overlook along with a fun visit to a very busy Gateway Clipper embarking area.

Your wedding was so much much fun and absolutely beautiful. Thanks for allowing us to share your special day!



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