We drove to Acton, Mass for the weekend for our nephew Jason’s bar mitzvah.  Steve got in the zone – with the help of coffee and the fact that he isn’t much of a sleeper – and drove the 9 hours.

Saturday morning, we partied with the other Barry’s – Jason did a fantastic job and has inherited his grandfather’s awesome singing voice.  He spoke about 2 things that caught my attention – the 7th day of rest (mandatory!) and the year long celebration of a jubliee – every 50 years.  I promised him that I will make my 50th year a jubliee.  Woo Hoo, look out 2010!

On a whim, Nina, Kate and I drove south to Brimfield, Mass in the afternoon for one of the world’s largest Antique Sales and the chance to see my sister Kathy and her daughter Olivia.  Steve stayed back to make sure that he got in his mandatory day of rest.  We did a little photo-shopping (new meaning for the word) and took photos of everything that we wanted to buy.  That turned out to be a surprisingly satisfying way to shop!    Check out the scenery and my purchases.


  • Marie
    6:45 pm

    I like your shopping trip. May I have one of everything?

  • 9:10 am

    Great photos! …so many colors and random patterns…I love them! I’m only sorry I couldn’t be there with you to peruse the wares.
    BIG love, Joanne

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