Submitted by Barb B. 3.18.08


On Saturday, I photographed the 2nd Annual Fox Chapel Crew Biathlon: Supporting Those Touched by Cancer. The Biathlon includes indoor rowing and track running events with both competitive and recreational divisions. Participants of any age group or experience level can find an event that suits them.



Last year, Fox Chapel Crew Biathlon raised over $8,000 for local cancer research and family support. This year’s recipient of the donation was Gilda’s Club of Western PA. Gilda’s Club offers social and emotional support for cancer patients and their families. This year’s Biathlon raised over $12,000. Funds for Gilda’s Club were raised through entry fees but mostly through individual and corporate sponsorships. Top sponsors included: The Alcoa Foundation, Marcus & Shapira LLP, Picadio, Sneath, Miller & Norton, P.C., Strassburger, McKenna, Gutnick & Potter, The Baum Consulting Group, UBS Financial Services and The Zambrano Corporation.



After members of the Fox Chapel Crew Club were diagnosed with Cancer last year, the team hosted the first Biathlon as an emotional outlet and a way to express team support for the battle that these 2 young men were fighting. It was an indescribable feeling to see both of them participate in this year’s event.


The most touching part of the Biathlon is that by far the largest group of participants is made up of high school students from Fox Chapel and around the city. They gave up their Saturday to row, run and volunteer. I am deeply impressed by their commitment and the efforts of this year’s co-chair and all of the volunteers that pulled together to accomplish this most amazing event.


Congratulations to the winners!

Under 13 Boys (1K ERG / 1M Run)
1 Matt Gostowski, 1, Unaffiliated
Under 13 Girls (1K ERG / 1M Run)
1 Amanda Todd, 2, Unaffiliated
Rec. Men (1K ERG / 1M Run)
1 Ryan Citron, 5, Unaffiliated
Rec. Women (1K ERG / 1M Run)
1 Diana Smerdell, 6, Fox Chapel
Masters Men (2K ERG / 2M Run)
1 Jack Hartnell, 7, T R R A
Masters Women (2K ERG / 2M Run)
1 Susan Cohen, 8, T R R A
Open Men (4K ERG / 2 M Run)
1 Andrew Rowland, 3, Unaffiliated
Open Women (4K ERG / 2 M Run)
1 Cara Massarelli, 4, Fox Chapel

Submitted by Barb B. 3.18.08


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