Steve & I started off the 4th with a great bike ride – Nina joined us on the ride from Millvale to the Southside Works and back. We spent some time at REI and then walked around a little and had some lunch. Nina & I left Steve in Millvale so that he could find a passable route through Sharpsburg to our house – by bicycle. Any of you that have been to our house know that we live on top of a hill (okay, mountain). He managed, so our next trip on the trails will start from home.

Later, Nina, Dave & I went out for ice cream and then picked up snack food for the movie that we planned to watch – Dan in Real Life. Not completely uneventful, I met another ‘friend’ at the gas station. An older man ranting & raving about the price of gas – to me. I was feeling a bit smug because I had passed by a station at North Park where gas was $4.01 a gallon and was standing in front of the pump at GetGo where gas was $3.99. With my Advantage Card, I was about to save .40 per gallon – woo hoo! (But hey, Giant Eagle, I am on to you, really. Because I know that if I would shop for food at Aldi’s and Sam’s Club, or sales at Shop N Save, I would be saving $45 dollars on food instead of a $5 on a tank of gas.) But I didn’t share any of this with my friend, as a matter of fact, I didn’t say anything, I just wanted to pump my gas. On top of which, I can hear Dave & Nina in the car saying, ‘Mom, get his phone number.” I learned my lesson on the river the other day about talking to strangers. Hey, wonder if he knows Warren?

In case any of you are wondering, the answer to our problems at the pumps, according to the philosopher in the beat up red pontiac – get rid of all of the ‘gd’ Democrats and Republicans in Washington – clean them all out. It’s that simple, who knew? Ridding Washington of Democrats and Republicans adds new meaning to Independence Day, doesn’t it? I liked his bipartisan views, very patriotic for the 4th of July. Hope yours was happy!

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