We are trying to relax a little this summer, and still get ALL of our work done. We now have a system in place where we alternate a week of photo sessions with a week of office work, client appointments and production work. We of course, love the weeks where we are out on location photographing all of you, but the in between weeks leave a little to be desired. It is a necessary evil however, so the new goal is to balance that week with some relaxation so that we remain as sane as possible, and that is no easy feat! This week (a production week), we have been pretty successful.

Monday night I had my usual rowing session with the ladies. Our team, the Row-hers, is registered to race this weekend with Three Rivers Rowing. No photos are attached because I am too busy trying to stay upright and in rythym with my team. And also, because you would NOT want to see the spectacle! But we have improved. Tuesday was a work day at Panera Bread with my friend Jen. We bring our laptops and NO PHONES and work uninterrupted for 8 luxurious hours.

Steve’s plans to go out flying this week were squashed by the intermittent thunderstorms, but we managed to get in a few good workouts on our bikes. Today, we road 34 miles on the Freeport/Butler Trail, our longest trip yet!

Last night, we really had a great time. We went Kayaking with our newest photography buddy, Kim. (We laugh like crazy when we are together!) We started paddling in Millvale this time, a first. Dave happened to be on the river at the same time rowing with alumni from Fox Chapel.

Of course, when you work as hard as we did on the river, refreshments are in order. So, we headed over to Red Fin Blues on Washington’s Landing for drinks and appetizers, traded funny stories and laughed some more. Nina and Dave were both there with friends, we all love the atmosphere of that place. Outside on the patio, overlooking the river, it feels like vacation. Almost. Until we remember that the next day is a production day and it’s back to the computers!

But seriously, with breaks like these built into the week, I think we can handle it. I wish I could say that we are completely relaxed and ready to take on any stress the job has to offer. The truth is really, it’s only 1/2 relaxation – 1/2 exhaustion. But it seems to be working.


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