I think that most brides have dreamed of their wedding day, if not since they were little, at least for a very long time. It takes many months of planning and hard work and it’s rare that when wedding day arrives, everything works perfectly according to plan.

We see many of the same pitfalls week after week and thought that we would start a series of articles to help our couples with their wedding plans – from a Bride’s Perspective.

Christine and Jeff were married this year at Grove City Chapel with a reception at the Shakespeare’s at the Olde Stonewall Golf Club.


Here’s Christine’s take on her wedding day and planning. Steve

“The most stressful part of a bride’s wedding day is not the flowers, the cake, or any of the other million details she’s spent the last year planning – it’s the people. (Really.)

Take it from a bride who’s been there (as of this past June 23rd!)- no matter how much you love your relatives, no matter how great your friends are, at some point during the week of your wedding, you’ll want to lock them all in a closet. (Sad, but true.)

There will be, of course, a few exceptions, as there were in my case: my mom, who is also my best friend; my brother, who was also my honor attendant; and my grandfather, who walked me down the aisle.

But what every bride really wants is to experience what she sees the brides in the magazines experiencing – romance, peace, and true intimacy on her wedding day. Fortunately for me, I booked the two most fabulous (and no, I’m not just saying that) photographers in all of western Pennsylvania, and they were absolutely, without a doubt the single best investment of my wedding.


For those moments when my groom, Jeff, and I were alone working with Steve and Barb, it was absolutely magical. The romance, the intimacy, the peace – I had it all. And for those brief moments when Steve would steal us away to take some pictures (“just interact with each other!” he’d tell us), the world was quiet, the people disappeared, and I felt like I was living a fairy tale. (Guess that makes Steve my fairy godfather?!) (ed.note – godbrother maybe! – I’m blushing)


So now that I have some real bridal experience under my belt, Steve and Barb thought I just might have what it takes to offer a “bride’s perspective” to some of their writing and marketing ventures! This is yet another dream come true for me, as just a month prior to my wedding I finally finished my thesis for my Master’s degree in English. So you may see me writing from time to time in blogs, newsletters, or other future endeavors!


And before I go, let me put your mind at ease: despite how stressful the people involved in a wedding can be, what they say is true – your wedding will be perfect, no matter what happens. Besides, you always have the morning after to look forward to when you wake up with nothing to do and you remember that no one has the phone number for where you’re staying…ahhhh!”

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