While it may be months away from your wedding day, it’s still not too early to do a little planning with the goal of making your wedding day relaxed and fun.

We try to get involved and help with your itinerary, but whether due to distance or timing, that’s not always possible.

We see the same little glitches happen week after week and can predict how smoothly the day will go based on the itinerary. We can even tell you which hair salons consistently run late.

No names mentioned here, but ok Kathy won the prize for the fastest dresser in the history of wedding preparation – 4 minutes from walking in the door of the bridal room to walking down the aisle – very impressive!. I have to say that she was calm, cool and collected but might have wished for at least 6 minutes.


So here’s some suggestions to help “de-stress” your wedding day – this is mostly for the ladies – guys are easy – shower, tux, a little BrylCream – they still make this stuff – and we’re out the door.

Make a physical list of everything you need to do and organize, have a written itinerary, give everyone a copy and on your wedding day, don’t be afraid to delegate. Your friends are happy to help. Put someone in charge of paying vendors, handling the rings and other necessities.

Try to get a good night’s sleep. You want to feel rested and clearheaded – skip the extra glass of champagne at your rehearsal dinner.

If convenient, plan a massage, get your nails done or anything to make you feel more bride-like on the morning of your wedding day.

Have a bustling practice session with your bridesmaids – some dresses are very complicated to bustle.

Hair and makeup always take longer than expected – add an hour to the time the salon estimates and if possible, bring your hair stylist and makeup artist to you – many salons will travel and I really feel that it’s worth the extra expense.

If possible, have the bridesmaids dress in the same location and add 45 minutes to the time when you really want them together.
Consider the size of your bridal party – we’ve photographed weddings with 29 people in the bridal party – and it’s fun – but, the larger the bridal party the more organization it takes and the more chance for stress on your wedding day.

Think about the distance between your dressing location, your ceremony and reception. It may make more sense and give you more time to relax, to choose a hotel near either site.

Put together a “first aid” kit (we do bring one with some essential wedding day items) with analgesics, spot remover, scissors, band aids, medical tape for those not-so-perfectly fitting gowns, crochet hook to help with those endless buttons, sewing kit, bobby and safety pins and a glue stick.

Plan an hour to get something to eat – while nerves may curb your appetite, it’s a very long day and some food and water are critical.

Use professional transportation to take you to the ceremony unless maybe you live out in the country with a squishy driveway – have a backup plan in case the limo is late or gets lost – leave extra time!


Consider a professional event planner – Barb and I have mixed feeling about this – we’ve seen some party planners who are terrific and helpful and some who are better at the creative side of event planning, but when it comes to itinerary planning – well, not so much.

Choose the right photographer! Unlike any other vendor at your wedding, you’re going to be with your photographer all day long. Choose a wedding specialist – someone with whom you feel comfortable and someone who will “go-with-the-flow” on your wedding day. A “bossy” photographer or videographer is going to create a lot of stress.

Everyone is different and it’s normal to have a million different feelings running through you on your wedding day – try to have fun! (Barb and my biggest wedding day regret). Don’t let the small stuff bother you. It would be highly unusual to have everything go according to plan on your wedding day. Try to keep in mind the “big picture” – that this is one of the best days of your life!

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